2018 Update!

A very belated happy new year!! Well I can safely say that 2018 has started off very busy and I think promises to be a really exciting time!

I had a good time in Norfolk over Christmas and New Year despite of coming down with a cold, but never mind! Since then most of my time has been spent finishing my work for the charity Waveney Stardust as I mentioned in my last blog post. It has been a great project to work on and it was very satisfying to see everything come together (More on that in a moment)! Looking ahead I have started another exciting new project involving my other great passion for writing music. I have been asked to write a composition for a concert up in Birmingham, which will be in June. It's great to get back to writing music again! My main focus with the photography is planning for another exhibition in September, so a busy rest of the year ahead!

Every fun project has to come an end at some point. Except you could argue this is just the beginning as I will be continuing to work with Waveney Stardust. Having finished putting together all the cards and other imagery of the Norfolk Broads for Waveney Stardust, the weekend we decided to deliver everything happened to coincide with the snow! The whole thing turned into quite an adventure! We decided to still go up to Norfolk and the first part of the journey actually wasn't too bad as the roads were fairly clear of traffic. From Norwich we followed the snowplough up to our bungalow & then enjoyed the snowy views all weekend until it started to thaw. We delivered the cards on the way home as the snow allowed us to get to the drop off point, so I got there in the end! In the meantime I was able to use the time at bungalow to take some photos of the snowy scenery, which I will be using for my new Christmas cards! Here's a sneak peek!

Looking ahead, as I mentioned, I have recently started working on a new composition. For those of you who don't know as well as photography I have always had a great interest and love of music especially classical. I have enjoyed singing from a very young age and also used to play the harp which I am now unfortunately unable to do. That is when it was suggested that I should try compositing and this opened a new world up to me. I don't know how much I can say at the moment, but I can say that I have been asked to write a piece for a concert being put on by the charity Music of Life. Music of Life are an amazing charity who helped disabled children and young people to achieve their dreams in music including me! Here's their website: http://musicoflife.org.uk/​ Anyway you will hear a full update on that soon.

Lastly I have started planning for my next exhibition, which will be held 29th September at Holy Trinity Redhill once again. I will be featuring some of my Norfolk Broad images and my tree bark images that I mentioned a while back along with some other new work! So plenty to keep me busy!

Anyway I think I've rambled on long enough so that's all for now until next time!

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