Gardeners' World Appearance!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

It's been a few weeks since my little video clip appeared on Gardeners' World ( and I have to say it feels strange it even happened! When I sent it in I had no idea it would actually be chosen! I thought I would give it a go as a project to focus on in lock-down and if they chose it that would be a bonus, but they actually did!

According to the researcher I spoke to they had received around 6,000 videos and have probably received many more since then. It's his job to sift through them all as they come in. He emailed me and then phoned to say that they might put my clip on the show, but he couldn't promise. I then received another phone call from him asking me if they could add a few of my images as I had mentioned I'm a photographer, so I sent him six of the garden. When he phoned through to say they were going to show it, I thought he was going to let me down at first, but when he said they had chosen it I felt pretty chuffed! The weirdest thing when they did show it, was when the presenter Monty Don said my name, which felt pretty strange but cool! I'm really grateful to Darren the researcher for helping me to get it on the show!

This is my original video that I sent in which they edited slightly by adding the images and different music, but they didn't actually edit it that much. I mentioned in the video we had seen 215 creatures for our wildlife lock-down list. The total is now at 312 species with 151 of those being moths. So here it is I hope you enjoy the clip!

Here are the images I sent to them which they added for the programme. I thought it was a good selection of the kind photos I like to take in my garden.

I hope you enjoyed re-watching or watching for the first that my little clip! Also it may not be the first thing that comes to mind at the moment, but if you would like order anything from me just drop me an email. Maybe send a card to someone you have been unable to see for a while and brighten up their day in these difficult times. Till the next time!

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