GoPro Experiment!

A belated happy new year to you and I hope you're keeping safe and well! Lets hope the rest of this year brings some brighter times. I'm pleased to say I've had my vaccine part one and I'm waiting to receive the second jab in around nine weeks time. Life has not changed much over the past few months having only been out to receive the vaccine. I have been keeping busy though with various projects I've had on the go and trying to retain some sort of routine which helps me to keep going.

For my birthday I was delighted when I received a GoPro camera from my parents so I thought I would share the first results with you. I was amazed how versatile this little camera is and I'm sure I will use it a lot when I'm allowed out. I have had a play with it and I think I'm beginning to work out how to put it to good use. The great thing about the GoPro is it shows my unique angle as a wheelchair user because my viewpoint is lower down I see things differently, which is something my DSLR camera doesn't really get across. This was enhanced even more when I got a special suction pad tripod at Christmas from my grandparents. I have a very generous family don't I! As you'll see in the video all I have to do is attach it to my tray and away I go. The other great thing is the voice activation which gives me even more independence to just go off and use it without needing to ask for help. I hope you enjoy this short clip and my dad also gets a little cameo!

The GoPro allows you to take stills as well as video and even in RAW which gives you great quality images. I quite quickly realised that it could be useful as a wider angle lens when mounted to my wheelchair tray so I started to experiment. I have wanted to do some images of the garden which showcase it as a whole and I think this could be the best way to do it. The photo below is taken from the end of the garden where I like to watch the birds from with my dad and I think it came out pretty well considering I was just working out how to use the camera. The last setting on the GoPro is time-lapse but I haven't had a chance to try that out yet.

I look forward to sharing many more projects with this camera, but this me signing off for now now. I think GoPro needs to pay me commission for this one! Hopefully lots of exciting things to come this year! Stay safe everyone!

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