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Norfolk Boat Trip

Over the summer, I enjoyed a great week away in Norfolk at the bungalow we have there. We (me and my family that is) got up to lots stuff like bird watching and just generally relaxing, but it was also a great opportunity to do some photography!

Last year we went on a boat trip round the Norfolk Broads, which was great fun! However, this was no ordinary boat as it is fully accessible for wheelchair users with the possibility of six chairs using the boat at one time! The boat is provided by a great charity called Waveney Stardust (here's their website for more info:​ ) who specialize in providing boat trips on the Broads for disabled people. As you can imagine up until this point finding an accessible boat to take me round the Broads had proved difficult so to find out about Waveney Stardust was fantastic and it was every bit as fun as I imagined!

To cut a long story short, having told them all about my photography I then received an email asking if I would be happy to take some photos for Waveney in the hope to use some of the images as cards in their little on board gift shop. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity and I had a great day taking photos on the boat round the Broads. This proved to be a great new challenge, as I had to compensate for the movement of the boat on the water. It may not have been the sea, but even the slightest movement can sometimes blur your images if your not prepared for it. Generally using a faster shutter speed was the best way round the problem, but even with that close up work was really difficult so I had to think outside the box to get the images I wanted. Here's one of the results!

Overall it was a great trip and there will be a further update on this project very soon!

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