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Lock-down Look Back!

I just thought I would catch up with all of you on what I've been up to in the last month or so. I mentioned a while ago that I had done a couple of photo-shoots in my garden which I can't wait to show you! However you're going to have to wait a bit longer as I've had a few technical issues with my computer to sort out! Anyway in the meantime we have continued the mega wildlife list and we have reached an amazing 290 species, which has completely eclipsed our expectations! I have also been doing some composing as well, which has been good to keep my mind busy. I have also received an exciting call this week from a BBC researcher no less, to tell me the short film I sent in to Gardeners World would be shown this Friday on the show at 8pm! Do tune in and see if you can spot me!

I thought I would take this opportunity to look back at the last four years or so when this whole adventure started! As some of you may know becoming a professional photographer was an ambition of mine since just before I started university. Before that I wanted to pursue music and become a composer. When I left uni I started to decide where to take things next and I started T J Blumire Photography, which is a name I came up with at sixth form college. I than launched the business with an exhibition of my work back in May 2016 at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Redhill. It was and still is an amazing feeling to know I had achieved what I had set out to do! I have also had the privilege of putting on several more exhibitions since then, but the first will always be particularly special.

Here's me back in 2016 which I will say surprised me how different I looked!

I had always fancied having a go at landscape photography and after my first exhibition I got that opportunity. Thanks to a one to one workshop with Mark Bauer back in May 2017, who opened my eyes up to a totally new way of working, and a bit of practice I have now achieved that goal. Check out his images if you haven't already!

Here's an image from my Surrey Hills collection I'm especially proud of as it combines everything I learnt at the landscape workshop!

Looking back, my style of photography has changed a lot over the years. However, if you had told me I would be taking photos from onboard a boat in the middle of the Norfolk Broads I probably would have laughed. Thanks to Waveney Stardust a great charity who provide accessible boat trips for disabled people that is of course exactly what I did! This enabled me me to put my new skills in landscape photography to the test with the added complication of a moving boat. Although it was a challenge, I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity to take photographs for Waveney Stardust. Here's their website if you want to find out more:

This is one of my favourite images that I've taken onboard the Waveney Stardust's boats! Simply because of the amazing reflection of the sky complete with fluffy clouds!

There are many more things I could mention like the time I did a moth photo-shoot or doing a talk for the Bletchingley Horticultural Society and more recently being involved with our churches creative arts exhibition last summer to name a few. However, I thought I would take the opportunity to thank some of the amazing people in my life who have helped me get to where I am today! My mum especially has worked, and continues to work, tirelessly alongside me as my hands and, as we often joke but it's true, my PA allowing me to achieve my goals. The support and encouragement I get from my whole family and friends is amazing and I couldn't do it without you! A special thanks also has to go to Holy Trinity Church Redhill, my church family, for supporting me through this journey and many more besides. Last but not least to you for putting up with me haha!

Here's to the future and many more years of photography adventures! You never know hopefully in the not too distant future I can go out and about freely again but until then I will keep muddling through.

All the best to you and stay safe!

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