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Polesden Lacey Landscape Shoot

Last Friday (May 5th) I was at National Trust Polesden Lacey for a landscape shoot. Although I think it could be better described as a practice landscape shoot because I was preparing for a workshop I will be attending on the 12th May, which is tomorrow! The workshop is a joint birthday and Christmas present and will be a one-to-one session with acclaimed landscape photographer Mark Bauer no less! More about that in my next post. For now check out his website, his photos are amazing: My main intention for today's shoot was to get used to using a wide-angle lens, which was quite a new experience for me. It was definitely a learning curve! I had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't get close detail and to focus on the bigger picture. I felt the shots I took weren't too bad considering I was trying something fairly new to me. Here's one of the more successful images below.

Polesden Lacey turned out to be a great place to try out a wide-angle lens. It's one of my favourite local places to visit and I've been going there since I was very small. Here's some more info if you're interested: . Although the house is well worth exploring it's the beautiful gardens and surrounding walks that really draw me. There are lots of brilliant photo opportunities everywhere you look. it was the vistas from the house I particularly focused on (excuse the pun) this time around, as you can see from this image.

Well I think I'm as prepared as I can be for tomorrow! Keep an eye out for my next post to find out how it went! Do leave a comment below I would love to know what you think of the images in this post!

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