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Christmas Cards!

Over the last few weeks I've been preparing for a Christmas card sale, at Holy Trinity Church in Redhill, taking place on 12th November! More about that later on.

By popular demand I have put together a festive collection of images, which will go on sale as a new range of cards at the event. The new images take the form of ice photos like the frozen leaves collection. This time though, to add a festive twist, I froze holly and ivy etc. I think was really successful! It certainly achieved the effect I wanted as the images almost looked snowy!

To start the process I went and collected some material to freeze. We, my mum, my carer and myself, collected basically anything that looked Christmasy, plants with red berries for example. (Some of which were very toxic so be sure to wash your hands afterwards if you try it yourself!) To supplement the things we picked from out and about, we also used some material from the garden and some old pine-cones from in the house.

One of the problems I had was finding some containers to freeze everything in. I wanted something thin enough to see through, but thick enough to submerge all the plant matter. In the end one of my carers had the idea of using cat litter trays, which worked perfectly! I then borrowed my grandma's freezers as we ran out of space.

The final stage was all about preparation! As I knew the ice would start melting pretty quickly I had to set up all the camera kit so I was ready from the start. I already knew I wanted to shoot using natural lighting behind the ice so I simply took a table out into the garden and positioned the camera. So a pretty simple setup really! The advantage of that meant I was able to work quickly as the ice melted. Overall the shoot went fairly smoothly and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all think! (In between mum driving backwards and forwards to grandma's for the ice and waiting for the sun to come out, so easy really!) The weather was a changeable though so I did the shoot across two sessions.

If you would like to see the finished images why don't you come along the Christmas Cards and Gifts Sale, at Holy Trinity Church, Redhill, RH1 2BX! See flyer below!

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