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Norfolk Landscape

I know it's been a little while since my last post so I thought it was about time I wrote another! It seems only right to fill you in on what I've been up to over the last month! Since the exhibition in May it's been fairly quiet, but I'm now working towards a sale coming up very soon! I also had a fantastic holiday in Norfolk where I decided to try some landscape photography. This was a pretty new experience for me as I've done very little landscape photography; as you may have seen I prefer to shoot close ups or Marco shots, the complete opposite. Intriguingly however there are in fact many similarities between the two. For one thing you can pretty much stay in one place to take your shots. This is ideal for me because I struggle to move the camera quickly.

Norfolk is one of my favorite places to be! Chiefly because it's a great part of the world for watching wildlife, especially birds. I go to Norfolk mainly because we have bungalow up there, just outside Cromer, that we use as a holiday home. As a family we've always loved Norfolk so to have a place there is such a great thing! This all come about due to the fact that as a wheelchair user there's very few places where I can go and stay for a holiday, mostly because of the lack of equipment for my needs. Also most of the places that are accessible for me are very expensive! I would be here a while though if I went into more detail so I won't bore you with that! We also have family and friends go up there too and it's great that others can enjoy the place when we're not using it ourselves.

Lastly please visit my events page where you'll find details of my next sale on 24th September! Hope to see you there!

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