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Moth Shoot

Since my last post I’ve done a few shoots at home with my mini studio, one of moths and the other of my card packs; which will go up on the shop page very soon! I’ve done a few shoots of moths before as my dad is a Surrey recorder, so if he gets anything good in the trap to photograph he keeps it back for me. The moth trap does no harm to the moths it simply uses a very bright UV bulb to attract the moths, which then fly into space below. The next bit is a bit odd because we then put the moths into the fridge! Yes you heard right, the fridge! Don’t worry though this also doesn’t harm the moths surprisingly, it just makes them a bit sleepy so I have more time take the photos. The moth I was photographing below is one of the larger British moths, the Lime Hawkmoth. People are often surprised how colourful and varied moths can be, but they can be every bit as beautiful as butterflies.

If you would like to see more of this style of image please let me know!

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