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Meadow Card Collection

After such a positive response to my meadow photographs in the Wisley Close Up collection shown at my exhibition on 7th May, I've decided to create a meadow card collection in the form of a boxed set of 8 cards (also available in 7 other collections, more information will be available once I've updated the shop page!). So it seems only right to relive taking the images!

The images were taken at a workshop on macro photography I attended last summer at RHS Wisley Gardens in Surrey (which is really worth a visit if you've not been before) with acclaimed photographer Andy Small. Andy Small specialises in flower photography taken in a fine art style and I continue to be inspired by his unorthodox way of working (check out his website to find out more). It was a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge and in particular learn new techniques.

Here's me with my camera setup.

It was very hot that day and with the full sun it was actually surprisingly difficult photography conditions! You have so many more things to think about, lens flare and over exposure to name just two. The other problem was not being able to see the computer screen because it was so bright, which is vital for me to see what I'm doing, as I can't look through a view finder. Although it was easy to fix with the parasol attached to my chair and with a bit of adjusting of the settings you can still get good photos. Besides, with such beautiful surroundings there's plenty of opportunities. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers, not only for their vivid red, but for all they stand for. Not only do they have a strong association with remembering military lives lost, but also with the area of Norfolk called Poppyland, which is in North Norfolk near Cromer. I have a bungalow up there, and it's one of my best-loved places to be in the whole world! (I feel another blog post coming on!)

Anyway, I hope this wets your appetite for the new collection! If you have any ideas for future posts please let me know!

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