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Exhibition Summary and Beyond

Well I can't believe that the exhibition has already been and gone! Overall the event was a big success and I'm so grateful to everyone who came to support me! My thanks also goes to Holy Trinity Redhill for hosting the exhibition and everyone who helped to make it all possible! It was fantastic to hear such a positive response and receive so many lovely comments about my new work! In case your wondering though, all my old work is still available so don't panic! Anyway here's some pictures from the day:

So what's next? I have three sales coming up in the build up to Christmas, but before that I have a rather exciting weekend ahead! I'm heading to Norfolk this weekend, partly for a much needed rest, but also because I have been asked by my friends at Waveney Stardust to do a photo-shoot of their other boat. This boat will take us on a trip from Beecles through to Norwich, which should be a fun new way to explore the area. I have been round Norwich a few times and I've particularly enjoyed learning about it's history, but unsurprisingly never before by boat. That's something I'm definitely looking forward to and I will update you on how it goes very soon!

The other really exciting news is that I'm being filmed along with my dad by the RSPB for their TV advert for the 2019 Big Garden Birdwatch! For those of you who don't know I have a lifelong fascination with wildlife and the natural world and in particular bird watching. This is an interest I share with my dad and from a very early age he would take me out birding with him. It's great to have this common ground and I cherish the opportunity it gives us to spend time together! We call each other 'birding buddies'! Anyway it's through dad this opportunity came about as the RSPB follow dads Instagram page and asked if we would like to apply to be on an advert for the Big Garden Birdwatch, and out of many people we had been chosen! We had to submit a video about ourselves and as regular participates of the Big Garden Birdwatch, what we enjoy about taking part. I don't know to much about what we need to do for the filming yet, but I know the filming is at the RSPB's HQ in Sandy so somewhere new to explore! I will keep you updated and let you know more in my next post.

Lastly the first of my sales I'm involved with is the Autumn Fair, Saturday 27th October between 2pm - 4pm at St Paul's Church, Tongham, Poyle Road, GU10 1DS! I hope you can join me there!

For more details of upcoming events visit my events page!

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