Barnes 1
Barnes 2
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Barnes 9

All these images believe it or not, were taken right in the heart of London, at Barnes Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) nature reserve. I strongly believe that wildlife can be seen almost anywhere if you look hard enough and I feel that few things encapsulate this better than this project. The site is surrounded by the city with its hustle and bustle and if that’s not enough, it is even on a flight path to Heathrow! Amazingly when out in the middle of the reserve you would almost never know you are in the city. The reserve was created from four disused Victorian reservoirs as a haven for wildlife thanks to the work of WWT. The site is now home to hundreds of species of birds, plants and animals including the rare Bittern. It was great to take photographs at such a wonderful place, which is an oasis for so many people.